• The James' Family Camping Experience

Ever since I was little, my family has been a camping family.  The word “Hotel”  was shunned and we only stayed in them when we absolutely had to! Now when I say “Camping”, I mean staying at campgrounds in a “Camper”. In no way are we tent campers! ha! We have running water, cable T.V., air conditioning, etc…  It’s not really considered “roughing it” but it’s not anything close to staying in the Holiday Inn.  I love it.  We all do.  We have been camping all over the country in the past and we have seen so many cool places!  Recently we have taken vacations to closer destinations but it always includes a lake of some sort!  This trip was to Raystown Lake, PA and it was beautiful!  We took the boat and camper and had a blast!

It’s quite an experience camping with 5 people in a 30 foot trailer.  Good thing we’re close and love each other because it’s a tight squeeze! (Especially since Corey has decided keep growing taller by the foot!)

The reason this is on the blog is because Corey tried to flip our breakfast into the bowl like daddy does and he missed SEVERAL times.  This time I caught the pancake mid-air!

Raystown Lake, PA! Beautiful!

My family rolled their eyes when I was scanning through the pics of the day and they saw this next one …but I happen to think it’s cool & blog worthy! They have no appreciation for shallow Depth of Field. 

aw momma and daddy

One of Corey’s custom built campfires

Emy tribal dancing?

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