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  • A Thank You!

I was supposed to blog something else today. My blog calendar is jam packed right now with upcoming weddings and engagement sessions. This week was a BUSY one for the blog. I blogged a wedding AND two couples sessions! If you haven’t seen those… you’re going to want to! They are two of my favorite shoots of 2015 so far!! But then again, you probably have seen them already because you are the dedicated ones… the die hards… the most loyal fans we have! You’re the FRIDAY FEW! You’re the friends that check the blog on the slowest internet day of the entire WEEK!

Today’s post is just for you! …. Because you’re the only ones that will see this! I just want you to know that I cherish you. I’m so very thankful for each one of you that continually makes our blog and our little business a part of your weekly routine. You are the reason we keep blogging, keep sharing and keep giving. Thank you for coming back… day after day… even on FRIDAYS. :) We’re thankful for ALL of our weekly traffic but the “Friday Few” will always be loved and appreciated the most!! :) For all of you reading this, thank you for coming back over and over again!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend and realize that your one little “click” means something to us! :) Thank you!!!!! xoxoxo!

Photo credit : Annamarie Akins! 


xoxo, Katelyn
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