Oh The Lies We Believe

  • And How They're Hurting Us

We recently heard an amazing business man speak at a conference a few weeks ago and he said something that really stuck with me. Actually, he said a lot of things that really stuck with me but I can only remember a few of them because my habit when I am listening to a great speaker is to be ALL EARS and I never remember to take great notes. (I’m working on that) I may not remember everything he said but I do remember this… He said that EQ is more valuable and more vital to success than IQ.

Isn’t that interesting?? Your EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT is more important than your INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT. I have a whole blog post brewing about this but for now, I want us to focus on the fact that our EMOTIONS control our success more than our INTELLIGENCE. If this is true… which I believe it is… this means that our emotional relationship with our business directly correlates to our level of achievement.

The scary thing about this concept is that what we BELIEVE to be true about ourselves and our abilities is either crushing us or pushing you forward. Confidence as a creative is VITAL. You can’t run a business and survive if you’re constantly doubting your abilities. I totally get it. My insecurities are just as real as all of yours. I struggle with feeling like my images aren’t “fine art” enough, that my clients won’t continually love their experience as much as they have in the past, and that I won’t be able to create incredible images over and over again. Those are my fears…. but they aren’t my reality. I have to choose before EVERY wedding, before EVERY blog post and before EVERY business decision to choose truth. If I continually believe the lies that creep into my life, my emotions will be the very thing that keep me from success. I have to believe that this is where the saying “You are your own worst enemy” comes from!

This is such a hard lesson to learn as a creative small business owner. Our lies are all different and but yet the over-arching story is all the same. What we BELIEVE about ourselves directly affects OUR SUCCESS in business. So how do we fix this?? I don’t think there is a FIX. I think being self-aware is the first step to overcoming these lies and not letting them overtake you. Simply reading this blog post will help you become more self-aware!! I encourage you to journal and write this stuff out!!

– What do you constantly believe about yourself that hinders you from taking risks?
– What lies creep in and steal your confidence and stall your decision making?
– What fears delay your projects, dreams, and goals?

Some of you believe that you’re never going to be able to have a handle on your workload. Others of you believe that your work will NEVER be where you want it to be and some of you have just accepted the lie that you’ll never be free from the never-ending EDITING that consumes you. If these are YOUR FEARS… you can overcome them…. and I don’t just mean journaling about them and being aware that they exist… I mean you can do something that will REMOVE those fears because you’re EQUIPPED with a solution!!! We’re not in the business of giving sales pitches… we’re in the business of changing lives and empowering photographers to be successful. So if this is you, this is just a final reminder that our ADMISSION WEEK for the KJ Consistency Course is ending very soon. This course could be the pivot that you need to overcome your lies and transform not only your business but also your LIFE!! We love you and we care about your business. You can do this…. let us help you! CLICK HERE to learn more before the doors close!! 

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xoxo, Katelyn
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