And 10,000 Photographers!

  • A City of Lights!

I still can’t believe I’m in Vegas! All I have to do to be reminded is look out the window and see the glow of the city lights that literally illuminate the ENTIRE city! It’s been a great trip so far. Jessie and I have learned so much… almost too much! We have sat through sessions and listened to some of the world’s top photographers share their tips and tricks! It’s incredible!  I think I have enough brochures and pamphlets to keep me busy reading for a year! The trade show is compiled of two gigantic convention halls filled with incredible vendors. Canon is EVERYWHERE and sponsoring everything! (totally dominating Nikon:).

There’s still so much to see! Tonight we are heading to a seminar led by Tamara Lackey, a fellow east coast girl who has an incredible portfolio! Tomorrow we’ll get to hear from the amazingly talented  Jessica Claire! So excited! Here are some pics from downtown!!

Our humble abode.

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