• A Conversation about the Beginning of My Journey

Hey friends! I wanted to blog this, because I feel like if I just share it on Instagram, I will lose the link to this a year from now, and I love it so much that I want it to be in my archives! My good friend Tyler Herrinton has launched something that I think has been stirring in him for a long time. He LOVES talking about Tech and helping others understand the tools of this industry. However, he also loves sharing about business, and so this new project is perfect for him!!! I’m excited, because I was asked to be the VERY first guest on the “Tech with Ty” PODCAST!

Woohoo! So what do we talk about?!

Well, the question SHOULD be, what do we NOT talk about! Ha ha, I’m kidding… but it is long for a podcast! The reason is, Tyler is a close friend, but our relationship didn’t start that way! He followed the beginning of my journey from a distance. He refers to those days as his “KJ Fan Girl” days, and I just think that’s hilarious!!!

However, because he followed my business and my journey so closely and then became one of our closest friends here in Richmond, he has a VERY different perspective on our life and our business than the rest of the world, and THAT made for a GREAT discussion!

Enjoy “Tech with Ty” … the KJ edition!!! :)



xoxo, Katelyn
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