• Chris + Katie | Part II

…First Look, she tapped his shoulder and he was speechless… she walked down the isle and he was in tears. Chris adores Katie.  Their friendship and love for each other was so apparent in every moment of their wedding day.  As they waited to be announced at the reception, they practiced their first dance and became increasingly more excited about being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the very first time! They danced and smiled and celebrated with family and friends all night.  Both their ceremony and reception were filled with incredible live music.  Worship leaders from Newspring Church performed a 30 minute concert before the ceremony.  I have never seen this done before but it was an amazing…

idea and it made their wedding day so unique.  At the reception, a live Jazz band serenaded their guests as they ate and danced. It was a beautiful wedding.  Katie and Chris visited with their guests but also made sure that they just enjoyed being together on the dancefloor! As their photographer, I felt like I was a part of the party and that I was just another guest at the wedding… and I love that.  I love celebrating and sharing in my client’s day as a friend, not just the hired hand.  In my opinion, that is how you get genuine, natural images.  So Chris and Katie, thank you! Thank you for making my job so easy and for inviting me into your lives on such an important and exciting day! It was such a huge privilege to capture your love for one another.  Enjoy your images and there are many more to come!


Chris and Katie are so great… they didn’t think twice about climbing in this flower bed!


Chris and Katie exchanged gifts during their portrait time! LOVE Katie’s Necklace… from Tiffany’s!

Trying to be “artsy”:)

So, when Katie was 13, her daddy took her on her first date and gave her a ring… a promise ring. This ring represented Katie’s promise to herself, her dad and her Lord that she would save herself for the man that she would spend the rest of her life with!  Waiting until marriage is a big deal for Michael and I. We both have “True Love Waits” rings that we have been wearing since high school and will continue to wear until our wedding day. So when Katie’s dad turned to the congregation and explained that it was time for him to give that ring to Chris… I was in tears!!! I was a mess. This is a big deal and I loved how they incorporated it into their ceremony.


Thank goodness we did a “First Look”! After family portraits, we only had about 10 minutes to run to an alley nearby for a few more portraits. It was SO worth it though! Loved this one!

Oh alleys… what great light you have! This next one… probably a new favorite! I love everything about it. They’re so happy!!!

Gosh they’re beautiful!

Off to the reception!

Dancing with dad!


And the dancing continues!

I LOVE live music at receptions! …. Especially Jazz!

I love this shot because you can see Katie’s parents in the background.

And this shot has Chris’s mom and Stepdad in the background!

Ok, last one! Promise! I could keep going and going with this wedding. I loved it and It was such an honor to be there with Chris and Katie!! Congratulations you two! Enjoy your last few days of the honeymoon!

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