• A Home Made for Hosting

We didn’t come up with this brilliant idea! We’ve seen it in magazine and several of our friends have incorporated this into their guest rooms in some way or another! It’s such a little but yet very appreciated way to welcome friends and family that are visiting you! There is nothing worse than saying goodnight and heading up to your room and then trying EVERY combination of keywords and numbers that you think may possibly crack the wifi code! You don’t want to bug your hosts with something so petty but yet you were really hoping to get some stuff done before bed!

This is a great way to make sure that that never happens! Your guests will thank you that they aren’t crunching codes all night! :) I know that Michael and I have ALWAYS loved this little touch when we visit friends! Is it expected? Of course not! It’s just a fun way to go the extra mile AND it’s affordable!

PS. HOW CHEESY IS OUR PASSWORD? Michael wanted something easy to remember… welp. “Jesus Loves You” is pretty straight forward and we haven’t forgotten it yet!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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