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You may or may not remember this but way back in the beginning of December, Michael and I instagrammed about a secret project that we were working on with some friends. Well, if you follow those friends (Matt and Carissa Kennedy), you probably saw that they were visiting us! We love these sweet friends but they weren’t just visiting for fun, we had WORK to-do! A LOT of work!! We filmed for TWO DAYS straight in our living room. We had lights and multiple cameras and audio set up… it was quite a production. After those two days my eyes were bloodshot from looking into the lights for two days and my voice was GONE. But it was ALL WORTH IT…. why? You’re about to find out!

Together with several of our talented & successful friends in the industry, we are excited to introduce something that has been in the works for MONTHS and MONTHS. We were approached by Matt Kennedy last summer about being a part a this dream that he had. We met up, talked about all the possibilities of what this could turn into and the decision was a no-brainer… YES! We wanted to be involved as soon as we heard his heart behind with big idea! Basically, the wedding industry is growing VERY quickly. There wasn’t just a big rush 5 years ago and then it stopped, it’s STILL GROWING! More and more photographers are booking weddings and are starting businesses and not all of them have the resources to learn in person from photographers whose businesses they want to model theirs after. So! Matt and Carissa have joined forces with us and 5 other incredible photographers in the industry to fix this issue!  

So what is it?! What have we created you may ask?! Well, it’s something that will be available for ANYONE! No matter where they are located or how much experience they have. Moms who can’t leave their children for 2 days for a workshop can be educated.  Students who can’t miss classes and pay for flights to a workshop can be educated. The photographer with a full time job that needs to take things step by step as he/she has time can be educated. INTRODUCING…. (drum roll please…)

 This isn’t OUR thing… this isn’t Matt and Carissa’s thing… this is a COLLABORATIVE EFFORT from some of the BEST photographers in the country. Each person is bring their own specialty in the form of an online course! You can signup for one course or you can enroll in the entire program and walk away from this experience ready to take your wedding photography business to the next level or start your building your new wedding photography business from the ground up! So who’s involved with this? Who can you learn from while sitting in your PJ’s in your living room?? Can you guess by these images?! I think 1 or 2 of them may stump you! It’s an awesome lineup, trust me!!! You can find out who one of these teachers is on my instagram account today! :) Just tap the image to see who is tagged!!

The LAUNCH is taking place FEBRUARY 23rd! There’s an EARLYBIRD discount being offered on FEB. 20th! If you want to find out more about all of this and receive a GAME CHANGER EBOOK for FREE, signup for The Academy’s Newsletter!! SIGNUP HERE!

Get Excited!



xoxo, Katelyn
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