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started last year. Michael was only able to stay at WPPI for a mere 48 hours last year and we knew that next year we wanted it to be different. Buddy and Jill stayed out west after WPPI last year and had a little vaca in the desert! They went exploring and their video convinced us that we needed to have a vacation out west in 2013!! So we did just that! Back in the fall we reserved a motorhome and Michael started planning out trip to the California coastline. We knew it was going to be fun but we had no idea how much AMAZING-NESS we would find on our journey!!

So our journey began in Vegas. We checked out of our hotel and said goodbye to nice showers and comfy beds for the next 5 days.  We picked up our rig on Thursday morning and the adventure began! Michael and Buddy had been watching RV videos all week on youtube and so I surprisingly felt somewhat confident that we were going to be ok. Jill and I decided at the very beginning of the trip that we would be having no part in the “tank dumping” process. GROSS! The boys did a great job taking care of all of that… it was entertaining, but they got it done.


So we left Vegas and started making our trek across the desert! Jill and I found our spots in the back of the RV and I was quickly reminded of why I love traveling this way! We had a big window with a view and we got to spread out with our laptops. We did some last minute business checkups before we lost signal and then we just enjoyed the scenes of the desert that were passing by! 

Buddy and Michael drove… for some reason they didn’t feel comfortable with us driving… I have no idea why. :)

There are some STRANGE things in the desert… this road sign being one of them. 

After our first Walmart stop, we were finishing our drive to Bakersfield and the light was golden… so of course, we made our first “Portrait Pitstop”!

YAY for a tripod!!! BEST purchase of the trip!!! We have so many group shots thanks to that thing!

Love this one!! 

Here we go! Off to our first night in a Walmart Parking lot! (RV’s can park there for free overnight!)

We woke up the next morning and started early. Destination: Yosemite.  But on the way there, we had NO idea how much the scenery would change!! We went from desert-ville to HOBBIT LAND!!! EVERYTHING was bright green and the rolling hills took our breath away! It was gorgeous! 

Group pic in Hobbit Land!

And off we went! Monday’s post will be of YOSEMITE!! Sequoia’s and waterfalls are coming your way!! Have a fabulous weekend! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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