A Rustic West Virginia Wedding

  • Seth + Stacey

I’m not sure how it happened this way but this month we have had TWO weddings in West Virginia! Crazy right? I don’t think I’ve ever shot a wedding in West Virginia until this month and I have to say, Michael and I are becoming pros at that northwest drive! We’ve learned that apparently drivers in PA need a ton of road signs in order to know how to be safe on the road. We’ve also learned that any road north of us is going to have a toll at one point or another! Last but not least, we’ve learned that north western VA, western Maryland and PA and North East West Virginia are all beautiful parts of the east coast! Just gorgeous! As we pulled up to Seth and Stacey’s wedding location, the views were spectacular and I was so excited for their portraits!

Stacey is a photographer and so I knew that she would be willing to allow plenty of time for their portraits…. however, I wasn’t sure if she would be willing to do one of my crazy ideas.  As Michael and I drove around that afternoon and scouted some locations, I found this gully of sorts on the side of the road. It was a steep drop from the side of the road but in the bottom of the gully there were white flowers that were dying to be photographed. I told Michael I wanted to bring the two of them to this little spot after their First Look and he thought I was crazy…. and he was right. What bride was going to walk into the weeds and a down a super steep hill in her wedding dress, BEFORE the ceremony?! ….. Stacey. Stacey was willing to do it. She had boots on and was ready to go but before she could attempt it, Seth picked her up like it was nothing and he carried her into the gully!! As he was carrying her into the oversized ditch, I started to get nervous and think to myself  “Oh gosh these images BETTER BE WORTH IT!!!”. However, as soon as he put her down and took a test shot, I knew it was magical.

 I LOVE their portraits… not just because it’s a beautiful setting but because they were willing to take a risk with me and it paid off!! Having a client’s trust is such a valuable thing and I’m so SO thankful that my clients don’t doubt my ideas!! They just go for it!!! Well Seth and Stacey, your bravery paid off and you now have some crazy portraits in a gully!! Enjoy!!!! It was such an honor to be a part of your day! Michael and I love you both!


Beautiful Stacey! 

It’s amazing what you can do with a little light and some curtains! :) One of my favorites from the day….

So evidently Seth’s proposal didn’t go as planned the first time and so we decided that he wanted to propose again on their wedding day before they actually got married and I think it’s safe to say that Stacey loved it. ;)

GAH! The Gully!! (I capitalized it because I love it THAT much! :)

Michael’s angle!  He’s so good:)

In love with this!!!


Loved this tower location!!

Another favorite:)

And this is Michael’s angle from that same shot! 

Old fashioned car? yes please!

Absolute favorite time of the day!!! I now love wishing lanterns!!!!

Ceremony | Oglebay Resort
Reception | Oglebay Resort  
Dress | Designer: Justin Alexander  Tiffany’s Bridal
Bridesmaids | Alfred Angelo
DJ | David Kleba
Invitations | Alana Robinson
Catering | Main St. Cafe
xoxo, Katelyn
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