• Cary & the Nova

session and it’s not really for Cary…. Cary could care less about having pictures done. He’s almost a freshman in college, taking late senior pictures is the last thing on his mind….. these are for his sweet momma. The Wimbish family has been such a huge part of our new life here in Shortpump. They have made our transition so easy and we absolutely LOVE all three of their boys. The Wimbish brothers are amazing and Michael and I are both a little disappointed that Cary is going off to college in the fall. Luckily we still have several years left with Grayson and Hampton and if I know Cary….



I think he’ll be home to visit quite often!  Cary’s mom had casually mentioned that she wanted to schedule a time to get some pictures done of Cary and the NOVA.  You need to understand that “The Nova” is talked about as if it’s another member of their family. Cary loves this car and I do too…. because it’s TEAL. Well, Cary just got a truck and so the Nova probably won’t be around much longer and I wanted to make sure we got a few shots of Cary and his teal ride while it was still around. Why not make it a surprise?! I love surprises!! Cary’s mom has no idea that we took these few pictures and so SURPRISE GILL! I hope you love them! Michael and I love your family and you’ve been such a huge blessing in our life! Cary… nice model face:)

Last but not least… my favorite:)

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