Ramsey + Naomi | Engaged

  • A Pony Pasture Engagement Session

We had been emailing for what seemed like weeks about their portrait location and all of a sudden, the day was finally here! These two drove close to three hours to come all the way to Richmond for their engagement session, and we couldn’t have asked for a better evening together!! We started their session at Pony Pasture and let me tell you something! These two are amazing!!! I did something during their shoot that I NEVER do!!!

If you’re in my KJ Posing Course, you’re going to FUSS at me for breaking my own rules… but I had to do what I had to do for the sake of lighting! Normally, we start our sessions and I help my clients get to know my way of doing things! It’s super relaxed, slow paced and fun! Well, as soon as Ramsey and Naomi arrived, we hugged, we (the girls) squealed, and then we headed to the water! As soon as I saw the light, I knew that we needed to ACT FAST!

It can be VERY tricky shooting in a river! This part of the James River is especially tricky because there is a steep elevation on one side that makes the sunlight disappear fast! Also, because of the placement of the sun, I had to be FURTHER in the river than my couple in order to make the light “backlit”! So, what did I do, I threw Ramsey and Naomi into the deep end of the pool without giving them their basic swim lessons! My first request was that they climb out on slippery, slimy rocks in a full length gown and dress clothes! It’s amazing… they didn’t think twice! These two are just the best! They hopped from rock to rock until I had used up all of the glowy light that was available!!

Michael and I loved getting to know these two a little more! It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone by simply just talking for 2 hours! We know all about Naomi’s many many siblings, what Ramsey’s home design choices would be, and all about their unique elements of their wedding day, etc!! It was so much fun, and we left telling them that they needed to move to Richmond!!!

Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited to see their wedding pictures!! Coming soon! 2018!

xoxo, Katelyn
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