• Meet Laura

and let me just say this….Laura is one of the most photogenic seniors I’ve EVER shot.  And I’m not just saying that. She’s beautiful and I can’t tell you how easy this session was for me. Modeling is just natural for her! Lord why didn’t I get that ability?!! Laura is one of our youth group girls and I even though I’m taking a break from work outside of weddings, I am still doing some senior portraits for the girls from church. Doing a session with a senior girl is so much fun for me.  I just get to walk around a cool location and get to know these girls in a totally different way. It’s awesome. I absolutely loved my time with Laura in Carytown last week.


The weather was perfect and we even made time for a frozen yogurt stop!! Why can’t I have a “frozen yogurt” break at weddings?! That would be HEAVEN! Anyway, I can’t wait to show you these portraits. As you look through them, know that Laura is an incredible girl with so much personality. She’s wonderful and I can’t wait to see what school she’ll attend next fall! I’m praying this year goes by realllly SLOW so I have more time with this girl!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

Really?! This is like the second shot I took! You see what I mean?! She’s just a natural!


Laura you are ABSOLUTELY stunning!

How awesome is that doorway?!

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