Rhett’s First Month

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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony


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Here it is! Post one of twelve! I’m committing, once again, to blogging my favorite images each month of Everett’s first year and I’m excited about it because I know from past experience that this is truly the BEST motivation and accountability to stay on top of family editing!!

While I may not be able to capture everything cute and fun that is happening with my big camera these days, I still bring it out here and there when it feels right. I really enjoy capturing my children in the season of life that we’re in right now. I can already look back on our past family albums and enjoy the in between “life moments” that make up our current reality as a young family right now. It’s the unprompted, unposed, un-curated pictures that end up being my absolutely favorites!!!

This blog post isn’t just of Rhett’s sweet face, it’s a visual documentation of what our overall life looked like his first month!! I think when I look back at the past four weeks, I think about how fast they have flow by! It seems like we just came home from the hospital a few days ago but here we are with three kids!! It’s been challenging, but more than that, it’s been so much fun. I love seeing Evy and Graham love on their new brother and want to see him every single morning. There are so many things that I want to remember from this first month as a family of 5 so here we go! :



  • Graham calls Rhett “Blue Baby”…. I guess because he always wears blue outfits?!
  • When Rhett cries, Graham says “Oh no! Baby DIE!”
  • Rhett had his tongue tie clipped at almost a week old
  • Graham punctured the back of his throat with a ribbon twirler and had to go to the doctor the same day as Rhett’s checkup! Whew!
  • Evy fell and busted out two teeth on a playground….. yikes. It felt like one thing after another kept happening!
  • Rhett loves to sleep but isn’t always motivated to eat!
  • He is taking bottles with pumped milk during the day and nursing at night. This helps him avoid the bubbles and he can down a 4-5oz bottle! That’s a lot for a 4 week old!
  • The adults in the house (Emy and Joe were still living with us!) all got Covid. What are the chances?! Thankfully it was super mild!
  • Rhett’s little smile is the best thing in the world!
  • We celebrated not one but TWO Malizia kids birthdays during Rhett’s first month! (Micah and Harper!)
  • Rhett sleeps super well… sometimes he’ll do 6-8 hour stretches!
  • He loves the “milkies”, looking at anything with contrast, watching the moving kitchen pendant lights and snuggling!
  • He spits up a little bit… like Graham AND Evy did. Oh boy.

Christmas eve with a three day old!!!  It was the year of the trampoline!!!  The Christmas Eve Christmas story with Grandaddy! Corey and Momo meet Rhett!!! Oh Harper!!! The whole crew!  The sweetest!  I take pictures with my real camera for the 2% chance that I capture images like this…. I love this!  Micah’s birthday!!!  Momo’s parents (Greg and Donna!) got to meet the babies! This is such a GRAHAM photo!  Please notice Evy dancing in the background….  I cherish these photos of Evy before her accident and she lost her teeth! Favorite picture of 2021 so far!  Fake sleeping! 

Please don’t miss that Graham “shirt pull” by Dada. We can’t trust him! He just loves Rhett a little too intensely!

Our sweet blue-eyed boy!

Rhett’s face! So unsure!!!

Annnnnd he got licked. ha! Now we know why he looked so worried!

Oh my sweet girl…. you had such a rough week. You busted out two teeth on a playground accident at the Lake House and I think I cried almost as much as you did.

Evy took this!

Thank goodness for our Mimi!

Merry Christmas to Dada!

First bath!!!! And I had so many wonderful/wild helpers!

The look on his face says it all!! She really wanted to help!

Brothers. I didn’t grow up witnessing this dynamic in our own family but I’ve heard it’s sweet!

Rhett you are such a precious little nugget!

I found her “reading” to him!

This was the night we drove down to Virginia Beach for 1.5 hours of a gender reveal for Corey and Morgan with all six kids and we would do it again in a heartbeat! Such a special night!!!

Harper turned TWO!!! k


I just can’t get over his sweet face!!

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

Student Spotlight July 2021

Ah! It’s our FINAL STUDENT SPOTLIGHT!!! This July post has been a long time coming but it’s HERE and it’s LIVE and I want you to help me celebrate these amazing photographers who are making their dreams happen!!!


This six month update feels like it’s weirdly disproportionate compared to other monthly updates! Why is that? Well, last month I posted a couple of sets of images that were actually at the beginning of his sixth month and THEN we photographed multiple weddings, had several trips away from home for a few days and the dads were for several days!


Rhett’s Sixth Month


Hope + Jesse A Gillbrook Farms Wedding

Hope and Jesse are the sweetest couple. You can just feel it when you’re with them! You can see it when you watch them interact. You can hear it in the stories that their family members and best friends shared about them. They are truly soulmates and best friends. They have an undeniable love for one another and that is why even a rainy, misty wedding day could be incredibly vibrant, warm and joyful!!


Rhett’s Fifth Month

Rhett’s fifth month was full of fun. It’s crazy to me that I know I only take my big camera to about 10% of the things we do in a month and yet each month is SO full.


This beautiful wedding day took place in the rolling hills of West Virginia, just past the Virginia state line. Wild Goose Farm is a venue that I’ve never photographed before and let me tell you, it was a treat! We didn’t even have the sun join us for most of the day and yet we were able to capture beautiful portraits! Between the horses, old fences, stunning estate home, lily pad covered pond, old stone walls, rustic barn, open fields and a historic stone arch, I was in photographer heaven!


Brian + Shannon A Wild Goose Farm Wedding


Tim + Megan | Engaged Countryside Engagement Portraits | Harrisonburg

This session was just as sweet as it looks. We spent the evening with Megan and Tim in the country outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia. We were tucked away in the rolling hills in between beautiful fields and family farms. It reminded me all over again why I just love Virginia. We really have it all… beaches, mountains, history, and great schools! JMU, while it did play a role in Tim and Megan’s story, isn’t actually where it started!



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