Rainy Days

  • Rainy Days

Not only is it exam week for all of us CNU scholars, it has been a constant torrential rainstorm in the Newport News area! There’s nothing worse than walking to a final exam in the midst of a monsoon. It’s December and we’re wearing t-shirts and rain boots! Mild puddles are turning into small seas and our yard could very possibly be turned into a great mud bogging arena. However, my roommate and I made the most of this nasty weather and played in the rain at 2 am the other night.

There’s nothing quite like singing “The Sound of Music” and twirling down the street in the pouring raining with one of your best girlfriends. That just won’t happen later on in life. So though the rain is an annoyance, in some small way, it has reminded me of why I absolutely love college! I can’t complain. ;)

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