• A Change in the Plans

We have recently spent a large amount of time with our friends that have kids. Toddlers, 6 month olds, 3 year olds…. the one thing that seems to be consistent among all of them is that their life and their schedule is determined by their children. You can plan on getting 6 hours of sleep but no matter how hard you try to plan, if your baby wakes you up at 3am, you’re not getting your 6 hours. Plans have to be flexible. Michael and I are not ready for that big life change quite yet. However, every now and then, we get a teeny tiny taste of what parenting may be like one day.

Now I’m not saying that my dog is the same as your child… I know that you can’t compare the two… however, waking up at 3am to find your puppy in pain with an oozing infection does interrupt your sleeping plans.

Last night Michael woke up at 3am to reserve his iPhone…. he’s slightly obsessed. When he got up, we saw that Bokeh boy had licked his front right paw so much that his leg was soaking wet and so was the comforter. He had been acting like his paw was bothering him for a day or two but nothing seemed to be serious. However, after taking a better look at 3am, we realized he has a pretty nasty infection. So Michael and I sat with him on the bathroom floor with hydrogen peroxide, gauze and painters tape and we played doctor. We got up at 7am to make an appointment with the vet and then spent an hour sitting with him at the doctor’s office. $200+ later, we have antibiotics, pain medicine and a professionally bandaged paw. Whew. So, the reason for this post isn’t just to express how our day has not gone to plan, it’s also to ask about something we have been considering for a while… PET INSURANCE.

My friend Anna and I were just discussing this and after this morning, I’m thinking it may be necessary!! Anyone out there have pet insurance?! Is it worth it? Did you just get it for injuries or annual checkups or both?! Would love to know your thoughts!! Thanks in advance!! We’re off to shoot a wedding on this beautiful Friday!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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