I have been thinking a lot about the goals of Inspired Designs for 2009. I want to have a list of a few things that seem unattainable and work towards them. It’s scary to openly announce goals because I immediately set myself up for failure if they never happen. However, I will share just one! I would LOVE to have my images published somewhere this year! It can be on the web, a local wedding magazine, etc. That would be such an accomplishment and an exciting new step for me and the business.

This past year I have been working with the President of CNU to try to come up with a design for the stained glass window of CNU’s new chapel that will be built in the next few years. It has been a long process but we have decided on an idea and the design was recently presented at a large fundraising event that took place a few weeks ago.  This week, I received a call that the design was sent to the DAILY PRESS and made the front page! Very exciting! While this isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I made it a goal to be published, it’s a start and I’m thrilled!

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