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Have you ever pulled out your phone while you’re out and about and RIGHT before you take a picture, it DIES?! Or maybe you’re taking a video and you have 13% battery left and then it dies and doesn’t even SAVE what you were filming?! It’s just the worst! My phone’s battery life is HORRIBLE. Even after closing all of my apps, my battery doesn’t last and even though this is definitely a first world problem, it’s still a problem.

I rely on my phone for my maps, my email, mobile marketing, etc. So, after our recent trip to WACO…. which I can’t wait to share next week… I ordered a little device that solves all of my battery issues! Jill showed me her portable charger months ago but I didn’t realize how useful it was until we were at Magnolia Market and my phone DIED! How SAD!! Luckily, Jill’s $17 charger has THREE CHARGES on hand whenever we need them! She keeps it in her purse and she’s never without battery power!! It’s awesome! I just ordered mine and you can order one from Amazon HERE!

The next GOOD THING that I love is the JOJO CANDLE!!! I’m sure there is a specific name for this but I call it the JoJo Candle because it’s Joanna Gaine’s signature candle that is sold at Magnolia Market! They aren’t cheap but they are amazing and they can make a house feel fresh and homey in NO time!! We’ve burned through at least 3 of these candles in the last year and we plan to burn many more in the future! You can order your own JoJo candle HERE!

Last but not least… lets talk about Starbucks…. or “Bucky’s” as my friend Jill calls it. I don’t love coffee… I never have. However, I do love stopping at Starbucks because of the way that it feels! I know that’s crazy but it’s true! Stopping by Starbucks is such a fun little thing to do when we’re out but it’s hard to enjoy it when you don’t love coffee! So, I have recently found something that I really LOVE…. PEACH GREEN TEA LEMONADE!! It’s refreshing, fresh, light and doesn’t give me bad breath or yellow teeth! However, I don’t even want to know what the calories are like!!!

Happy Thursday Friends! You’re not going to believe this but I’m off on another little adventure. Actually, it’s a pretty BIG adventure! I’m heading to the mid-west with my sister to pick up her NEW PUPPY!!!!!! AHHH!!!! We’re in love with him already! I can’t wait for you to meet him!!!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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