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Cameron mentioned having her engagement session at Pony Pasture Park and I suddenly realized that I had NEVER been there! Am I even a true Richmonder?! I am always excited to photograph a new couple in a new location but this session was extra exciting because Cameron is a photographer herself! I knew that if she picked a location that there would be so many perfect spots to shoot and I was right! We met these two at Pony Pasture on the south-side of Richmond last week and loved our time together!

These two have been together for quite some time. As we walked around together and talked it was very apparent that these two just get each other. They love adventure, nature, and just being together. I knew they were up for anything when they walked through weeds up to their waist and stayed outside in 100 degree weather for almost 2 hours!! Matthew second shoots for Cameron and helps her out in her business so he gets the whole “picture” thing. Sounds a lot like someone else I know! I don’t know what Cameron and I would do without having Michael and Matthew in our lives!

This shoot was something that Cameron has been looking forward to for so long and it is such an honor to be her photographer. I love her spunkiness, her red hair and her passion for pictures! 😃 Their wedding is going to be a blast! We are so excited… we wish we just didn’t have to wait until 2017!!! It will be here before we know it!! Enjoy my favorites!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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