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I have a love/hate relationship with asking for help or really any advice for that matter. You see, when you ask for help, you aren’t just simply asking a question, you’re inviting someone else to weigh in on your situation. Maybe I’m the only one who’s like this but I’m VERY protective over this business that Michael and I have created over the years. We’ve worked hard to get it to where it is today and so I don’t go to just anyone for advice. I ask for advice from people who have done what I want to do and who I TRUST.

Michael and I do some business consulting here and there for several very special people in our lives. We can’t share who they are or what they do but each business/non-profit/community is different and it allows us to do what we love most… use our experience to help others succeed. Why should others make the same mistakes we did and hit road blocks in their business? Sharing is caring!! When we meet with these amazing people, I can see just how awesome it is to share our experiences and give advice. However, I often forget just how hard it is to ask for help in the first place!

It has taken us years to realize that asking for advice is something we should NEVER stop doing. There will always be someone one step ahead of us that has wisdom to share. We have several people in our lives right now who willingly give us guidance and direction constantly. We are so thankful for these people!! However, asking for advice and wisdom comes at a price… and that price is called ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

This is the #1 reason I think most business owners shy away from having a business coach or advisory board. We don’t want to be accountable to ANYONE! That’s why we became our own boss in the first place, right?! Being held accountable is just a normal growing pain and I honestly think that it keeps us on our toes. If I launch something or do something without giving it my all, I have some amazing people in my life who will notice and lovingly encourage me to “try this” or maybe “give this a shot”. I’m thankful for the accountability because it means that I have someone looking out for me.

If you’re in a season of business where you want to ask for help but you’re not ready to be held accountable, I highly recommend changing your mind about that!! Allow yourself to be put in a place of vulnerability, years from now you will look back and be so thankful that you had mentors around to hold you accountable to your dreams!! Happy Tuesday friends! 

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xoxo, Katelyn
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