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late because I actually took a 1/2 day today!! Aren’t you proud of me!?! Those that know me the best know that I have workaholic tendencies and so it’s really a BIG deal for me to take time off for myself! …. Especially during wedding season! So this morning was spent running errands, going to the gym, cleaning the kitchen and doing things most people make time for in their life… but not this girl. It’s a constant battle for me to manage LIFE and a BUSINESS but I’m getting better at it! I’m SO thankful that my sister is around this summer to help out and be my right hand!  My laundry is done,

we have food in the refrigerator and the dry cleaning is completed! It’s a miracle!  So this morning was a wonderful little break but now it’s back to business! Speaking of “The Business”… I don’t know if you’ve realized this or not but I LOVE what I do. It’s a ton of work but I really do love it! And I’m THRILLED to be able to share a little bit of my experience with some lovely ladies in October!! Karen Stott and the fabulous ladies from Pursuit 31 are hosting a wonderful week of relaxation in Rome, GA this coming October and I’m SO HONORED to be a guest speaker!!  It’s going to be an incredible week and just to show you HOW awesome it will be, check out this amazing speaker line-up! :

Ummmm how did I get paired between Dawn Davis and Jody Gray?! I’m intimidated just THINKING about it!! I’ll admit that I’m a tad bit nervous….however, the closer we get to this event, the more and more I realize just how perfect God’s timing is.  This industry is changing so rapidly and it is FULL of young women trying to launch careers and follow their dreams and passions.  The issue is…..when I say a TON…. I mean there are a BAZILLION new photographers out there!! And that’s only a slight exaggeration. So the struggle for new female photographers becomes “How do I stand out?”…. then after a few months the question becomes “Well how in the world do I MEASURE UP to everyone else?!”…. And then a year has gone by and we’re LOST. Our brand, our vision, our marketing…. it just looks like everyone else.  How do new photographers in the industry make a NAME for themselves and create a BRAND that WORKS WONDERS for their business? ….. Well don’t think I’m going to tell you right NOW! … I want you to come to this thing and hear it first hand!! I’ll be sharing about BRANDING and IDENTITY. And I’m not talking just logos and websites… I’m talking about WHO YOU ARE.  Let me just say this….I truly believe, wholeheartedly, that my BRAND is effective because I KNOW who I am… and I only know who I am because of Christ. I have a purpose and an identity that is based on the fact that I’m forgiven and I’m a daughter of the king and there is SO MUCH FREEDOM in that!!!  I seriously can’t wait to share more about this journey and meet some new friends along the way!!! If you have been on the fence about this conference and need an extra little PUSH to signup… consider THIS your PUSH!!! I would love to see you there!! Here’s some information! :




Dates: October 1st-4th, 2012
Where: Winshape Retreat Center in Mt. Berry Georgia
Conference Website – Registration is OPEN!



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