We’ve all heard the saying, “Nothing lasts forever”.  I believe that but I was hoping that wasn’t true when it came to my laptop. This was my very first laptop, my very first experience with a MAC! I remember pre-ordering it senior year of high school and counting down the days until it arrived!  It was beautiful and that’s when the endless possibilities began. If you are not a MAC owner, you need to realize that MACs just come with standard programs that introduce you to the basics of photo editing, video editing, music recording, etc.  It gave me a little taste of the graphic design world and I fell in love with it! I ordered Adobe Creative Suite and it was done! I was sold. Photoshop was my new best friend and I was never looking back. I have been a devoted Apple lover ever since! I can honestly say that my laptop is the main reason I started down this road of design and photography.

That being said, I am sad to announce that my laptop, my first MAC, my first baby, has seen its last days.  It had a little oopsy on the flight back from Vegas and has since been replaced.  Please welcome the newest addition to Inspired Designs…..

The New 17″ Macbook Pro

The new 17″ Pro has a newly designed battery type that is built into the laptop and is double the size! It lasts for up to 8 hours!

It’s thinner than my planner!

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