November 2012

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all sound the same… “Where did the time go?!”… “How is it already November?!”….etc, etc. I’ll refrain from exclaiming my shock about how fast this month flew by and I’ll go right into why I’m glad it’s November!! November seems like a CALM month to me. It always has! I think it’s because I feel like it’s the beginning of the holiday season and I know that there will be days full of hanging out in my parent’s living room and doing nothing… and that’s FUN to me! (I’m getting old…. doing nothing sounds like fun!).  I think I like visiting our parents so much because when I’m at my childhood home, I don’t feel like I’m responsible for anything! Does that make sense?

I know some would say that visiting home can be a little stressful when you have elderly parents that you’re taking care of but our parents are young! I mean, my mom JUST turned 50 last year and so when we go home, it feels just like it used to when I was in college! It’s fun being home and not having an office calling my name or laundry piled up in the hallway. We enjoy getting away and just hanging out with our families!! And I’m excited for more of that this November! Thanksgiving is coming and I’m so excited!! So as we enter a brand new month, here are some things I’m looking forward to! :


I’m looking forward to:

– Only 2 weddings! The season is coming to a close and I’m SO thankful for the amazing couples I worked with this year! However, I’m looking forward to a break too!! :)

– The Workshop Experience is coming up in a few weeks! AH! It’s so soooon!!!! Those are always a lot of fun!!

– Family time! Hopefully the WHOLE family will be together for a few days at Thanksgiving!! woohoo!

– Down time… I’m looking forward to time to get stuff DONE… like, the stuff that can’t get done in the craziness of wedding season!!


Personal and Business Goals:

– Continue to drink more water… I actually accomplished this goal last month!

– Get back into the gym routine. My traveling in October threw me off!! But I WAS a consistent cycler for a while there!

– Dream about 2013 and all that we want to accomplish!

– Take Bokeh on more walks before it’s frigid!!

– Albums edited and ordered!!!!


Huge thanks to my sweet friend and fellow photog, Kailtin!! She shot that image of me at our coaching session in September! She’s already done amazing things within her business!!


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