Newark Mission Trip 2010

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I had to leave Newark early. Yep, this was only a 48 our trip from me but it was so so SO worth it. I was snapping pictures left and right because I want to remember why I love serving here, why I love this ministry and how the Lord is transforming this city that most have forgotten about.  It’s incredible to see faces that I was watched grow up that last 3 years.  Our first year babies are now in middle school and some kids have even graduated! Safe Haven as a ministry has changed as well, all for the good.  There is more help, more staff and more structure to the program. It’s amazing to see.  Every year the Lord sends more help so that the ministry can continue to grow and Danny and Kimberly can continue to grow their beautiful family! #4 is on the way!


I have learned to much from this place.  I seen a church congregation that resembles heaven like no other,  I’ve  seen what it looks like to truly love broken people like Jesus did,  I’ve seen restoration and redemption and I’ve learned to have an eternal perspective. I’ve also learned that I really love THINGS. My computers, my camera, I love decorating, I love clothes, I love my car and the list goes on.  There is nothing wrong with these “things” but there is something wrong if I’m not using them for the Lord, if I’m not using them with eternity in mind. These THINGS in my life mean nothing if they don’t have a purpose.  Everything I own, everything I have accomplished, every dream I’ve ever dreamed can crumble and disappear.  I’m actually quite certain that there will be days when my wonderful mac will crash, my camera will die and my blog won’t load.  It’s temporary. All of it.  But it becomes significant when it’s used to glorify the Lord.  My business, my future marriage, my friendships, even my things become filled with purpose when they are used to grow God’s family. I never want to forget that and I’m reminded of it so so much in Newark.


I realize this is a big risk to share the Gospel on the blog.  It’s blurring the lines between business and personal life to the extreme but to be honest, I really could care less.  This is the core of who I am. It’s what I live for and the only reason I have a business and a desire to be creative in the first place is because the Lord Jesus gave it to me.  So I would be doing Him a huge disservice to not give Him a shout-out every now and then:)


Enjoy a little glimpse of my 48 hour mission trip! … and be sure to watch the White Boy Rap at the end!


Morning coffee run to Vic’s! I don’t even like coffee…but it smells amazing!

I love seeing snow up there, it covers up the dirty-ness and makes everything seem spotless.  There are so many  great analogies that could go along with snow and have to do with the Gospel.

Aw, goodmorning Blaine, you look so awake!

Katie Grace.

Bible verse performers. Nate, you’re ahead.

I love this one.  It’s probably a favorite and I don’t really know why… it just seems emotional. Does anyone get what I’m saying? Maybe it’s just me!

How CUTE is this little guy?!

Dear God, Can I have beautiful, clear skin like this one day? Thanks.

aw, sweet Trinity.

Mmm hmmm. This little diva loveees to model.

hahaha Just had to throw this one in here! Look how thrilled the little guy to the left is!

Love the light in this one!

The little guy on the right kept saying (in a brazilian accent), “I’m Dr. Suess! I’m Dr. Suess!” Precious. Love the dimples.

Another fav.

White Boy Rap: Shaun and Dave and some others recorded this song in Safe Haven’s studio in a matter of hours, pretty impressive! So I threw this video together so we could show it to the kids! They loved it seeing white boys rap. ha!

Untitled from Katelyn James on Vimeo.

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