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that the next time I blogged about the new house project, we would actually have a HOUSE! …. and I wasn’t lying! It’s here!!! I can’t believe it but it’s all framed and the majority of the windows are in! If the rain holds out today, we’ll probably see shingles by tomorrow! It’s a CRAZY feeling to watch a house start to take shape…. it’s even crazier when it’s YOURS and you’ve never done this before. When they were framing it and the trusses were being set, It seemed so surreal. The pictures really don’t do it justice. We are so thankful that we’ve been around the last 3 weeks and have been able to take daily visits!! Everyday there is something NEW!

It’s going to be kinda boring when everything is done and we aren’t taking evening trips to the house site anymore…. just kidding… when everything is done, we’ll be living in a NEW HOUSE!!! and I don’t think that will ever get boring! There are SO many things about this new space that we’re so SO excited about. Just to list a few:


– We’re excited to be able to brush our teeth at the same time. Right now we can’t fit in our bathroom simultaneously…. it’s super tiny.

– We’re excited to have a master bath that isn’t the same bathroom that ALL of our guests use. Do you know how hard it is to keep our bathroom presentable ALL the time!? It’s tough! 

– I’m excited for a GARAGE!!! I’ve NEVER had a garage. Growing up, my parent’s converted our garage into an apartment for older relatives to live in and for people to rent if they needed a temporary space. It was so cool but because of that, I’ve NEVER known what it’s like to park my car in a building. ha! I’m actually more excited about having a “garage opener” than the actual garage!! 

– The Front Porch. It wraps around the front side of the house and it’s perfect. It’s the only floor-plan in the whole neighborhood that has a LARGE, WIDE porch and that’s one of the reasons we decided on this model. We can’t WAIT for summer time!! 

– Storage space! You know you’re growing up when the sound of STORAGE SPACE excites you!  Living in a small cape cod means that there is no space for STUFF. We don’t even have a pantry for our food. Our food lives under Michael’s clothes in his closet. It’s actually kind of funny to go get a can of soup and have to move Michael’s jeans to find what you want! Living with no storage for 2 and a 1/2 years has made us so GRATEFUL for EVERY area of storage in the new house!!! 

– LIGHT! Our new house is going to be BRIGHT!! Right now, because of the age of our current house and the position of it, our living room and kitchen stay dark all day. There are minimal windows and so I always knew that whenever we moved, we HAD to move somewhere with LIGHT… and TONS of it. Windows were a BIG deal to us. When we started looking at houses, we saw some models at some other subdivisons that were cool…. but they didn’t take our breath away. When we found this floor-plan, I walked into the model home (that wasn’t even completely finished yet!) and turned to Michael and said “This is my dream home!”. I said that before I even saw 70% of the house… I just walked in, saw the LIGHT (literally) and I was a believer!!!!  I really think LIGHT makes people HAPPIER. If you live in the dark, it can become so dreary. That’s why we have such a high electric bill… I turn all the lights on when I’m in the living room because I HATE dark rooms! 

– We’re also excited to be able to have more than 5 people in a room. This floor-plan is somewhat wide open in the family room, morning room and kitchen areas and we LOVE that. We can’t wait to share our home with friends, students, family and our photog family!


So here are some pictures of the progress!! It’s really coming along! Enjoy!

And this was the progress as of this morning! 

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