The Big Day!

  • The New House

can’t believe it!! I’m typing this blog post out in our new home. It’s so surreal. I feel like we were just driving around neighborhoods and dreaming of what it would be like to BUILD a house!! I never thought that this would be something that we would do and so this opportunity really took us by surprise. While we didn’t dream about BUILDING, we did dream about what we wanted to be able to accomplish with our home one day. We wanted our home to be used and when God blessed us with the cute little house on Cutler Ridge 2.5 years ago, we used it WELL. There were so many high schoolers and guests coming in and out of that house that we had to replace the carpet!

(Well, part of that was Bokeh’s fault too:) That little house taught us that we have a heart for hospitality. There is something very intimate and special about opening up your home to others and we quickly found out that we enjoy that! So when we started thinking about upgrading, we knew we wanted our next house to be capable of hosting gatherings of all kinds. We were looking for an open floor plan, decent parking capabilities and something a little out of the ordinary. We didn’t want the traditional colonial with a compartmentalized layout. As we moved box after box into our home yesterday, I found myself looking around and thinking “Really?! Is this real life?!!”. How did this happen?! We’re so thankful for every little piece of this puzzle that come together so perfectly. God definitely had His hand in this. From the timing, to the price, to the lot selection….. He even had his hand in the renting of our old house!! Michael’s position at Gayton has been filled and that sweet couple will be renting our previous home! Crazy!

So in some ways, it all feels like it’s coming together… and then I look at the garage. Literally our WHOLE house of STUFF fits into our new two car garage. The painters are still working on the house and so we have to wait to get everything put away and setup. I’m working from a make-shift office and I have no idea where certain items of clothing are but it’s all good. We’re happy and we’re so thrilled to actually LIVE here!!

So this week will be full of blog posts and I have two gorgeous weddings to share but besides blogging and some editing, I’ll be taking some time to focus on getting our life back in order! And I can’t end this post without thanking our sweet families for all of their HARD WORK! They have helped us so SO much and we couldn’t have shot a double header weekend, closed on a house AND moved in one weekend if it wasn’t for them!! So to the James and Alsop families… we LOVE you! Thank you thank you thank you!!

And because we’ve read a lot of comments asking for some *inside* shots, here’s one little peak of the living room…. my FAVORITE room in the house!! Bring on the LIGHT!!!  More pictures to come as we start to make this house a home!! And Ps. Workshops will be looking VERY different in the future… that’s all I’m going to say for now…. but if you were considering a workshop one day, there are exciting things coming your way!

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