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I was dancing and snapping away at Jason and Jackie’s wedding this past December when I cute little blond approached me, exclaiming ” I just LOVE your pictures! I’m Amanda! From the blog! I comment ALL the time!”.  I was so flattered and Amanda’s excitement was contagious.  We talked and she mentioned that she was engaged and that she would be getting in touch with me.  I was so excited but after a long wedding and shooting all day, I forget these things. So it was such a pleasant surprise to receive her email a couple of days later! Amanda uses A LOT of exclamation points in her emails and that’s one of the many reasons I just adore her.  She’s couldn’t be more excited to be getting married and I LOVE that.  Brides that refuse to be stressed and choose to enjoy planning their big day are just wonderful to work with!


We decided to travel a little bit for their engagement session this past Sunday.  Michael accompanied me and drove the ENTIRE way so I could finish typing my senior thesis. (Isn’t he wonderful:)  It gets better, once we arrived and met Mike and Amanda, I assigned Michael the duty of taking care of Khloe, their baby chihuahua.  He didn’t sign up for that task but we seriously couldn’t have done it without him! That little thing is full of energy!


Michael and Amanda had a chilly day for pictures but they worked it and made their session a breeze. I loved hearing little pieces of their story and all of their plans for July 17th! I CANNOT wait! They’re having a beach ceremony. Get excited!  July will be hear before you know it but for now, enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

I promise you! The grass was THAT green! I didn’t enhance that, I swear!

There she is! Cute little thing… ears and all:)

Look at those eyes! Whew!

One of my favs!

Oh Light! How wonderful you were!

Ok, it is REALLY hard to get this little ball of energy in focus but I loved this! It’s a perfect summary of how Michael’s dog sitting went!

Lines lines lines! I love lines! (They are GREAT dippers!)

Light from the water.. perfect.

Amanda, you are gorgeous!

The one on the left makes me smile.

Mike and Amanda, you were so much fun to work with! So glad Michael and I got to hangout with you two this weekend! I’ll see you in JULY!!

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