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Usually one can’t judge a person’s personality through just reading an email but this wasn’t the case for an email I received from Andi a few months ago. Her contagious joy and spunkiness was portrayed through her emails and I just couldn’t wait to meet with her! She is an awesome photographer based out of VA Beach. Check out her blog! The first time we talked I think we stayed on the phone well over 45 minutes just sharing ideas, swapping editing and marketing tools and talking about our shared love for j*! For those of you who haven’t heard me rant and rave about Jasmine Star, you will. I just love her work and that’s actually how Andi found me! I had commented on Jasmine’s blog (as I often do because I check it EVERYDAY!) and Andi just happened to click on my link! What are the chances!? I’m so glad she did! It’s so great to have a fellow photography friend a few minutes down the road! Andi, you’re beauty is shown inside and out! I’m excited about what the future holds for you and your business!

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