• Meet Alia

know those families that are just jam packed with talent? Well, the Prasad family is one of those families. I remember when we first started coming to Gayton (Our church) and I couldn’t believe how much Kristin (Alia’s mom) was in charge of! Kristin is on full time staff at GBC and she keeps that place rolling! Not only was I impressed with Kristin, her children are quite impressive as well. Alia is incredible on the violin!! Despite her busy school schedule and soccer schedule, she makes time to play at church constantly! And not only is she musically talented, she’s brilliant!! Alia has a scholarship to Vanderbilt

and she’ll be starting her freshman year before we know it!! I’m sure Alia is going to read this post and think to herself, “Ok Katelyn, you can stop now”. haha I brag about her because I really, truly think she’s awesome. She has such a sweet demeanor and it was such a honor to capture her portraits as she finishes up her senior year of high school! It’s going to be weird not having her around next year!! I’m going to miss her and her violin but I know that she’s 100% ready for the next phase of life! Alia I wish you the VERY BEST with your freshman year! You’re going to do amazing things girl!!



Love these!!!


Ok I lied, this is my favorite!

We totally crashed a wedding during these… well not really, but kinda. 

Alia is so natural at posing! Love this!

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