May 2013

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MAY! And May is the month of transition for us! …. Probably one of the biggest transitions we’ve experienced since being married… besides Michael’s job transitions of course. We’re MOVING!! In like 3-4 weeks! Michael has been packing up our current home in his free time and let me tell you, it feels WEIRD!! Our living room just looks sad! Mirrors and pictures are off of the walls and boxes are piling up in the kitchen. It’s really starting to feel real! For those of you that have moved several times, we would love to hear your packing tips and tricks so that our move can be easy and organized!!!

And don’t tell us to hire someone to pack for us because I’m on a strict budget so that I can afford my Pottery Barn curtains for the living room!! :):) We have priorities ya’ll!!! But seriously, every time we think about spending money, I remind Michael “Um, that could be 1/4th of our new sofa…. or that money could go towards your surround sound…”. It really does put spending in perspective when you have a new house to furnish! Whew. We’re going to have a few rooms that stay empty for a little while and I’m ok with that.

So here’s the snapshot for MAY 2013!!!!


This month we’re looking forward to:

– MOVING & CLOSING on the new house!!! AH!

– Shooting some pretty awesome weddings around Virginia and Maryland!

– Being HOME and getting back into a rhythm… aka… going to the GYM again and actually having groceries in the house! (ps. We did a 60min cycling class this AM… so proud of us… lets see if that pattern can continue!)


Personal Goals for May:

– Not to get stressed out about all that needs to be done and just remember how much fun it’s going to be to live in a new space!

– Prep the current house for our renters… this includes a long list of “fixes” that we need to get working on!

– Order our honeymoon book… seriously, just do it Katelyn… it’s only been 2.5 YEARS!

– Continue to prep for the move… like ordering blinds, rugs and booking the painter… so much to do!

– Organize our “Life” folders… ex: Tax records, house documents, insurance folders, rental folder, appliances and purchases folder, etc…. (I actually already did this… this was yesterday’s project, I just added it to the list so that I could feel productive!)


Business Goals:

– Order and Proof first final draft of the Bridal Guide! It only needs tweaks! :) So ready to get this thing OFF the to-do list! It’s going to be super helpful for my brides as they plan!!

– Continue to keep up with Album orders

– Pack up and clean up the office! Yikes! This is a mighty task! :)

– Continue to teach Michael some business-y things that he would do a better job of managing than I would!


There is so much more to do but I have to be realistic about what we can accomplish on “Moving month”.  I’m really thankful for a few free weeknights in the next few weeks that will allow us to prep and pack!! So again, leave a comment for us if you have some PACKING TIPS! We’re all ears!!! My blog stalkers always have good advice and so I’m excited to hear from you!!! Happy Monday! AND big thanks to Kelsey Waterfield for the pic!!! :)




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