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I always say that word-of-mouth is the #1 advertiser for my business! I haven’t spent one dime on advertising since I started about one year ago and that is all thanks to people like Jeff and LaurenJeff is Matt and Laurie’s DJ!  I was so excited when I received Laurie’s email and read that Jeff had referred them to me.  Word-of-mouth … it works! Wonderfully.


Another thing that I always say is that doing engagements is a vital part of the photography process. The time I spend with a couple during their engagement session helps me REALLY get to know them as a couple.  I notice the little ways they interact, the best ways to make them laugh and by the end of the session… I am totally ready to capture “them” on their wedding day! Matt and Laurie’s engagement session was no exception.  Not only did I get to walk around with them all evening in the BEAUTIFUL town of Harper’s Ferry, I got to hear about their story and their wedding plans in the car ride also!  They are such a great couple and several times, as I was walking along with them, I found myself being so thankful for the clients like them.  They are so fun, down to earth and loving. It makes my job so easy! Enjoy A LOT of favorites! (It’s a new location for me, I HAD to blog a lot! )

No one could say this town isn’t cute! Look at it!

I loved this old abandoned house! The light was perfect!

Laurie mentioned that they were going to the “Ralph Lauren” look.  I think they got it!

Next one, a favorite!

The lamp posts in Harper’s Ferry were awesome!

Oh my gosh! How can anyone not love that?! The colors were amazing!

Really? I almost feel bad about how all of my clients are so good looking! Not every photographer has model-like couples!

There goes another lamp post! Love them!

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