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I’m still on a retreat in NC and we are having a SERIOUS storm right now. Like 35 mph wind and rain! I LOVE IT! It’s so exciting to be on the water and actually watch the black clouds roll in! So fun. We’re all sitting here amazed and watching the shingles blow off the house next door!  Well, except me… what am I doing? I’m blogging, of course!


I just had to show you my 8×8 legacy album sample from Jared and Lauryn’s wedding.  I won’t go into why I absolutely LOVED their wedding because I would go on and on for paragraphs. But I did think their cute country style was a PERFECT match for this japanese silk cover in Sage green! I designed a 40 page album to be able to show my wonderful clients when we meet and I’m SO ready to show it off!


Maybe I’m just a girl but I get really sentimental when I look through this album! haha Really, the weddings from this season are what defined me, my style and what I want my business to look like. I love how fun and yet elegant their images turned out. It helped that Lauryn has super cute style!  Having couples like Jared and Lauryn take a chance with me has been the ONLY reason Inspired Designs has taken off and I am so so thankful.


Take a peek at this awesome 8×8 sample album!

Oh goodness gracious! I love it!

Favorite spread!

Ok, no no no… THIS is my favorite!

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