• Justin + Jess | Part I

You know this must be an awesome wedding when you see the subtitle “Part 1”.  Clearly, Part 2 is on it’s way very soon!


Michael met Justin during his year of living in North Carolina.  He was actually one of the first people we met when we visited and what a perfect first impression he gave! He dropped everything he was doing, we jumped in his jeep and he gave us a tour of all of Boiling Springs! Now Boiling Springs is literally a one stop light town, and while the tour was short lived, Justin’s smile and willingness to welcome us made a lasting impression.  Because Michael became close friends with Jess and Justin during his year at CDH, I gradually came to know and love them.  I would occasionally see them on visits here and there but I really got to experience hanging out with them during their engagement session last spring! Oh man! How I loved that session!


Naturally, their wedding was amazing as well. Despite the constant drizzle and random downpours, we made it work!  Rain can be the most intimidating thing to a photographer, especially when you are working with a super fun bridal party of 16! Luckily the church had a large covered porch and walkway that we made work.  It was a challenge at times but challenges sometimes lead to awesome, creative shots because I have to work extra hard to make it look cool! So enjoy the PART 1 of Justin and Jess’s big day and you better check back soon to see their portraits!

Of course, they both wore Toms!

No I didn’t make some random bridesmaid and groomsmen kiss! They’re married and Jess did such a sweet job coordinating the bridal party attire I couldn’t resist doing a quick detail shot!

Love the colors!

Jess, you’re a gorgeous bride!

Justin met Jess at the end of the aisle and walked her up to the altar:)

So….this isn’t necessarily an “Inspired Designs” style of image… BUT, I have realized that sometimes there are moments where you just need to capture the moment and there is no time for adjusting aperture settings! This was a really quick shot of the two of them immediately after they exited the ceremony! Husband and Wife!! ah!

A few more…. I LOVE secretly capturing moments like these! They’re so real!

I told you guys we could squeeze the steeple in there!

Justin and Jess’s portraits are coming next! Along with a slideshow! Get excited!

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