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up since 5:00am….. this NEVER happens. I can’t believe it’s only 9:30! I feel like 1/2 my day has already gone by! It’s crazy!!! So I didn’t wake up at 5am just to see how it would feel (I will never do that). I got up early so that I would be awake enough to sing on Lite98 at 6:45am!! Our church is promoting our annual JAZZ NATIVITY and Lite98 allowed us to come into the station and play a few live songs for their morning show! Woohoo! What an honor! We’re very thankful for their support and for allowing up to have such a huge platform to advertise this event. You may remember me blogging about this LAST YEAR.

I sang last year and I really LOVED being involved. It must have been 1/2 way decent if they asked me back to sing again this year! But you can be the judge of that:) You can see video and images HERE from 2010’s Jazz Nativity!  You can also listen to the high quality audio recording HERE! (I think my solo is at 2:50 or something close!:)  Anyway! I’m posting this in hopes that some of you Richmonders that check the blog may come out and enjoy a night of Jazz music! Tickets are still on sale and all sales go straight to world missions. Starbucks will be there with goodies and something hott to drink!! It’s a fun night and I’m so excited!! PRAY that my voice holds out! I’ve had some voice issues over the last 8 months that I haven’t really shared on the blog because I just hate talking about it. HOWEVER, God is good and faithful and after months of speech therapy (yes, can you imagine me in speech therapy? It’s quite entertaining!) I am able to SING again!! It’s not perfect or 100% back to normal but I don’t CARE! I can SING and I’m so grateful for that! I’ll share more on that later! But for right now, I have to focus on saving my voice long enough to get through 4 performances!


The shows are SATURDAY at 4pm & 7pm and SUNDAY at 4pm and 7pm. It’s going to be amazing! Buy your tickets HERE!!! I hope to see some of you!!! And below is an Instagram from this morning at Lite98!! Don’t judge my attire… it was early.

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