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We met for the first time at a little coffee shop in Williamsburg a couple of months ago. Jared and Lauryn shared about how they met, how he proposed, their big plans for the big day and about how they dream of owning their own ice cream shop one day. Too cute to be true? Oh, it gets better! I fell in love with them as a couple. I very easily spent well over an hour just talking away that afternoon at the coffee shop and watching them interact. I looked forward to their engagements but became even more excited when I learned that they would be bringing Murdock (the newest member of the family) along for the ride. Murdock was such a good sport (and very photogenic)! Enjoy some of my favorites! Jared and Lauryn, it was so much fun walking around and getting to know the two of you. I’m looking forward to June!

Definitely a new favorite!

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