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  • The January Snapshot

Wow!! I should have been more clever in my Friday post and said “See ya next year everyone!!”. I tend to always think about those one liners a day too late.  One thing I DID think about ahead a time was how I wanted to CHANGE my monthly “Goals” post series for 2012. It has become a very common trend for photographers to blog about their “Goals” so I want to change it  up a bit. Instead of just blogging semi-unattainable goals and hoping for the best, I’m going to give you a snapshot of January. I’m going to look at what I have planned for each month and blog about things we’re excited about, goals we have for our personal life,

goals I have for the business and really just an overall snapshot of each month to capture this stage of life. I’ve said it a thousand times but this Blog is a digital scrapbook of my LIFE… it’s not just a “business thing”. So I want to blog and remember our life through these posts! After rethinking this series and how to improve, I also had another idea that was inspired by my sweet friend Gail Werner. Gail and I haven’t met in real life but when we do one day, I’m going to give her a HUGE hug and tell her how fabulous she is! She encouraged me a few months back to incorporate self portraits into my blogging.  Now my first thought was “‘Uh, I’m really not thrilled about showing pictures of MYSELF every month” but I realized that I really LOVED looking at her “Self Portrait” posts so maybe it really was a great idea! It’s PERSONAL and it’s nice to have 12 decent images of yourself each year since normally I’m the one behind the camera!  Now I haven’t decided if “self portait” means it’s just a PICTURE of me or if I have to TAKE it too! This month it’s truly a self portrait.  I used the good ol’ self timer. Can you imagine me trying to take this? So embarrassing. I’m so glad no one walked into my office during this self-shoot. Gah!!!


So from now on, my “Goals” posts will now be monthly “Snapshots” of my life that come with a little self-portrait (thanks Gail!). So here we go!!




This month is full of NEW BEGINNINGS! Well Duh, it’s the first month of the YEAR! But Michael and I also have some very NEW things happening in our lives:

–  SCHOOL: Michael will be doing a one-month intensive seminary class on the weekends in DC and that is definitely going to be something to get used to! He’s been doing classes once a week on Monday’s and so we’re hoping this 9-4pm class schedule won’t be too much of a shocker!

– A PUPPY!! : The BIGGEST news for January 2012 is that we’ll be adding onto our little family! We will be getting a fluffy little friend in approximately 2 weeks and I cannot WAIT!!! We’ve bought dog collars and leashes… I’ve even bought food and water bowls that match our kitchen PERFECTLY! We realize getting a puppy is a TON of work so any experts out there, please feel free to give us some tips! The type of dog and name will be announced as soon as we get a chance to love on him and bring him home!

January will also be a busy month for me and the business, here’s what’s in store:

– I want to START the year off right by getting my business finances straight! (I’m actually working on this TODAY so I’m already on top of things!!:)

– I’ll be finishing last edits for 2011 albums and sending those to print.

– I have one more January wedding to shoot. This will be my 2nd wedding of the year! I am counting David and Courtney’s New Years Eve wedding as my first 2012 wedding since it will be blogged in 2012, haha. I’m so picky about my blogging!!

– This month will be filled with a few other sessions and I’m praying for some good weather!!

– SHOWIT’s FIRST Global meetup is happening THIS WEEK at our home and I’m secretly hoping that we don’t run out of room!

Some BUSINESS GOALS for January:

– I need to REORGANIZE my office closet. It’s a DISASTER!!!!!!!!!

– Create a CLIENT ORGANIZER CHART for my “production wall”

– Order new business cards before WPPI approaches!

– Album designs of course!

– Perfect my “Systems” for 2012!

– Create an online “Wedding Guide” for my clients.

– Blog FASTER and earlier each day

Some PERSONAL GOALS for January:

– Pray more! Michael preached this past Sunday (and did an AWESOME JOB! I was more nervous than he was!!) and he challenged everyone to decide to make prayer a priority in 2012! So we’re going to practice what he preached:)

– Obviously the GYM…. but we’re serious about this one. Gaining ten pounds since our wedding does not feel good! We’re cracking down on our diet and we actually want to USE our gym membership!

– Create a weekly system for figuring out meals and what nights we’ll BOTH be able to eat dinner at home….. basically I need a weekly life-planner system!

Exciting things:

– My mom and Michael’s dad share the same birthday! So we’re going to celebrating that at the end of the month! We love good excuses to get together with both families and go out to eat!!!

– Michael and I received some GREAT giftcards to some of our favorite restaurants! So if we get our butts to the gym, we get to use our giftcards sometime this month!!!!







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