My Day Off

  • My Day Off

….today is my self-declared “day off”.  You know, because I am my own boss and I lay down the law for this business! I’ve decided that today there will be no more editing, emails or albums.  Nothing. Today is a day to be excited and focused on the fact that I’m getting married! In like 60 some days!! AH!  It’s very easy to get wrapped up in everything I have to do and forget just how exciting this time is. By the time I normally finish a work day, I am rushing to get wedding stuff done and I find myself driving to ShortPump, again. I live 40+ minutes away from real civilization….. and real civilization means having a Walmart nearby! I have to drive 4o minutes to run errands

…and that gets old. I’m so excited to actually LIVE near real stores once I’m married! Errands aren’t going to take ALL day any more! That’s AWESOME! Speaking of errands, one of the most exciting things about this time in our life is that Michael and I get to go shopping and pick out stuff for our HOUSE!!!! We love shopping for furniture and toaster ovens and refrigerators!  When we were in high school, we would go to Target and look at kitchen appliances after we went out to dinner….sounds strange, I know… but for some reason we loved it. Now we’re looking at them for real!!!! Today we are driving up to Northern VA to hit the IKEA store….aka, “Decorating Heaven” for young, engaged couples with no money. I’m pumped!!! We’re going to have fun! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea and it’s the PERFECT “Day-off” destination! HAPPY MONDAY!

Photo Credit: Our wonderful photographer, Jstar! Love her:)

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