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… our location, that is.  Sydni and I had talked about shooting further up Grace street in downtown Richmond but as soon as I saw these old walls and buildings, I asked if we could shoot there instead. Whit and Sydni agreed and didn’t think twice (because they’re wonderful!).  I will admit that the location wasn’t the prettiest, or the cleanest, or really safest but it sure was COOL! I LOVED it! The dirty, grungy, urban feel makes for some pretty sweet portraits! Whit and Sydni were so great.  They trusted my judgment, even when it seemed weird and I must say that they were pretty darn good at the “model” face!

I love my clients! I love them, I love them, I love them! Whit and Sydni are no exception. I cannot wait to shoot their November wedding! I exclaimed (loudly) during their session that when I shoot their wedding this fall, I will be MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Their wedding will be my first wedding to shoot as a Mrs. and I so excited! Speaking of getting married…. I’m getting married in 21 days! Yes, 21 DAYS! I have so much to do! If you saw my basement right now you would think I was starting a small vintage boutique. The birdcages and twigs are TAKING OVER! They’re everywhere! Anyway, it’s getting a bit tricky trying to run a business and plan a rather large wedding but I’m making it so far! I apologize to all those who have been waiting to see these since last Sunday! So I won’t keep you any longer!!!! …. Enjoy my favorites!

Sydni, your smile is BEAUTIFUL!

Oh! Hey lens flare! I promise you this is real! I made a pact with myself when I first started me business that I would NOT add fake lens flares to my images in Photoshop! Nonono! I did it once and I’ll never do it again. It’s one of those things that works for some other photographers, but not for me.  I really wanted to learn how to get “the flare”  on my own and so every now and then… it happens and I love it!:)

Oh girl, you’re cute!

One of my favorites!

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