• Isaac + Kristin | Part I

I’m really not a competitive person. I’ve never enjoyed sports as much as my siblings. I have never been a real “game” type of person and I really don’t do well playing cards! However, when it comes to competing against myself, now that’s a different story! I set goals for myself and I HAVE to accomplish them! It’s really a good thing because I makes me grow! However, when I can’t fulfil my goal, it’s a huge disappointment. My goal within the last two weeks was to blog everyday. Well, yesterday that 2 week stretch came to a close.  I didn’t blog and I was so mad that I didn’t have time to. (Hence the reason I’m up at 4am working on this post!)  So please take time to really enjoy looking at these pictures of the beautiful Isaac and Kristin.


My jaw could have literally dropped when I saw Kristin in her gown. It fit her perfectly and complimented everything about her.  Her smile, her hair, her complexion… everything was perfect. She was stunning and just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any better, I met Isaac.  He was handsome, photogenic and as sweet as can be. I absolutely LOVED their first look. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and I can understand why.  She was so elegant and drop dead gorgeous that you couldn’t help but stare. Isn’t that every bride’s dream?  As you scan through these images I’m sure you’ll quickly see that I am right! This couple is amazing, inside and out.  Enjoy this Part I and be sure to check back for Part II!

Isaac and Kristin opted for a “First Look” and it was absolutely perfect!

NOTHING… and I mean NOTHING compares to the emotion during a “First Look”. They are awesome. Simply awesome.

How cute is Kristin?!

Nice model face guys! You’re a photographer’s dream!

So classy!!

I’m sorry, I know these next two are so similar but I just love them and I love the bug so I posted both!!


And that will have to hold you over until Part II! There are so many more portraits to share! Can you believe that?! That shows the beauty of having a “First Look”… you receive double the amount of romantic portraits from the time you saved!

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