• Why I started a Youtube Channel & what this means for you!

There is a common theme in my business…. and I’m totally ok with it… I’m actually HONORED that this happens constantly. When I decide to CHANGE something in my business, there is a swarm of other business owners who are watching and want to know if they need to change too. I get it. Back in the day, I watched Jasmine Star like a hawk (Jstar, if you read this, it wasn’t in a creepy way, I promise!)

I just looked up to her so much and I considered her a GUIDE on my photography journey! So when we recently made a shift in the way we deliver free content to the world, we saw this happen again! When I started a Youtube Channel, there was a thread started in a few of our FB Group where people were asking a few big questions:

  • Has Katelyn stopped blogging? Is blogging DEAD??
  • Do I need a Youtube Channel now?
  • What should I do in my own business?


Friends, I think there are ALWAYS more things you could be doing in your business. 

The question is…… SHOULD YOU???

Just because I launched a Youtube Channel doesn’t mean that’s the best thing for you…. or is it?! You can find out in this BRAND NEW EPISODE that just went live today!!! Watch below! :

I’m partnering with Tyler Herrinton, the force behind ALL things video that we do in our business, and I hope this will help give a little insight into why I started using Video more in my business and what is best for you!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Gina reply

    Great vid Tyler and “KK” ! Very informative. It was nice meeting you Tyler. Katelyn, you and your team are the “gold standard”…thanks for all you do!

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