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keeps improving, there are more and more ways to document LIFE as it’s happening. I remember being in high school and wanting one of those SMALL digital cameras that had just come out so that I could take AMAZING pictures whenever I wanted. Then, some of the flip-phones came out with CAMERAS! What?! A cell phone with a CAMERA?! That’s just incredible! Over the years, the iphone has because one of the most popular cell phones in the WORLD! I love mine. When the iPhone came to Verizon, Michael and I set our alarms for 2:30AM to be the first to order ours online. Yea, that’s dedication right there!!

I love the APPS, I love the speed and I love that I have SO MUCH at my fingertips! Just yesterday, Michael found an APP that allows you to access your laptop desktop from ANYWHERE in the world! Your laptop just needs to have an internet connection. It’s CRAZY. I can access my bank account, my blog, my grocery list, my CVS account, my schedule, my email, and ALL of my social media accounts through one device! However, the BEST part of the iPhone, in my opinion, is the camera and Instagram! Seriously. I love that App….. probably too much! I think I have posted a picture of Bokeh in Instragram EVERY DAY since we brought him home! People have started commenting on how much he’s growing and I realized that I’m documenting his whole life…. on my PHONE!! I love it! So as I was thinking about something  in my life that qualifies as a “Good Thing”, I realized Instagram should DEFINITELY make the list! It’s not for everyone. Some people don’t like looking at people’s random pictures during the day but I enjoy it! And the BEST part is that over the last YEAR, I have so many fun little memories stored on my Instagram that I would have probably forgotten otherwise!


Someone mentioned on Instagram that I should do a 365 Project on Bokeh. I would share an instagram of him everyday for one year and document his first year of life! I’m TOTALLY ok with that!!!:) I think it’s a GREAT idea! And then at the end of the year… I’ll make a little Bokeh Book. Obessesed much? Yes. I love him…… the biting and all! He’s getting his big boy teeth and let me tell you… they are SHARP!!!


So happy Monday everyone and I hope you’ve enjoyed the last two blog posts about my two new social media obsessions. If you missed “The Power of Pinning”… you can view that post HERE!! Have a FABULOUS day and get excited for VALENTINES DAY!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!



ps. A lot of people ask about the “Labels” and “Posting a collage” in Instagram… I use an App called PicFrame for that! Love that too!!!

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