• Congrats to Joe & Emy!!!

Say WHAT?!!!!! Can you believe it?!!!! We have JUST now started to believe that this amazing news is actually REAL! We drove up to visit Joe and Emy about two months ago and everything seemed so normal. We hugged and brought our bags in and then we were all sitting in the living room when Emy handed Michael and I little gift bags with a note inside. I’m sure I looked a little confused when she handed it to me because it wasn’t my birthday or any holiday!

I pulled out my card and it read “PROMO NOTICE to AUNTIE KK”!!! WHAT?!!!! I screamed and cried and I honestly sat in shock for a while. This was a surprise to everyone!! Shuba only has 7 more months to be an only “child”!! My entire family and some close friends have been trying so hard to keep this a secret for so many weeks!!! We get texts almost daily about how Emy’s feeling and we’ve already hit up Target’s cute maternity department!! Is this real life?!!! This is going to be the CRAZIEST Christmas my family has ever experienced because the baby is due in DECEMBER 25th!!!!!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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