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a small school.  I never liked to admit that until my junior or senior year. I always thought the “big school” concept was “cooler”.  Michael and I lived our “Big school” experiences through Tech football games and weekends spent with friends at Clemson.  CNU doesn’t have a huge sports program or a massive stadium with thousands of fans… but what it does have is an awesome community.  I feel like I was a part of so many little communities at CNU… one being the “Comm” community. That’s right, the Communication Majors were tight…. we pretty much brought TWITTER to CNU! …. in my opinion. ha! No. Big. Deal. Anyway! Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I met Connie in through the comm department!

We had classes together…she was a hard worker, I wasn’t….she stayed at the library until the wee hours of the morning.. I only did when that when it was a pass/fail situation. However, despite our different study habits, I got to know this awesome girl named Connie Workman…. NOW Connie Bray! woohoo! After meeting Connie, I quickly met her tech-savvy boyfriend Nathan.  I feel like everytime I ran into Nathan on campus, I left knowing one more new thing about my blackberry!


These two are an AWESOME couple and when they asked to meet with me last fall, I was SO excited! AND honored! Photographing weddings for friends is such an awesome privilege!  Their big day was perfect and I couldn’t help but admire how calm, happy and joyful the two of them were! They’ve been waiting for this day to come for a long time and it was finally here! As Connie came down the isle, Nathan just grinned and held back a few tears (Nathan I saw you tear up and have pictures to prove it!) It was a beautiful day and I loved being by their sides!  Connie and Nathan, enjoy the last few days of your awesome honeymoon and get excited because you have a HUGE blog post to look through! Love you both!!! xoxo

Those beautiful shiny things on her ears were her wedding gift from Nathan… and she LOVED them!

Connie was such an elegant bride…I mean, she was just standing there… not posing, just standing… and she looks like a model!!!


Loved those bouts!

Oh sweet goodness! Connie, you’re gorgeous!


Whenever it is possible, I like to tell the Bride and Groom to exit the ceremony and go and have 5 minutes alone… just the two of them!!! It’s always an awesome time… AND I get more portraits!!! yesssss.

Ok, ok… I’m weird, I know… but this is one of my favorites!!!! haha

Are you ready for these?!!

Get. it. girl.

Love you two!!!


Love! They make it easy for me!

First dance!

Daddy/daughter dance…. I NEVER have favorites from the reception, my favorites are normally portraits….oh but this time I do!!! I love this next shot. She LOVES her daddy!!

Beautiful cake!!!

I did NOT make that sky… I promise. I don’t do that… I leave the sky color up to God and man did He do good! SO BLUE!

Connie looks so sweet and innocent….. but don’t be fooled……

We went back inside and she smashed cake in his face! I think we’ll end on this one! haha

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