• 10.10.10 Thank You's

I love my daddy.  So much.  He is the most selfless, considerate man I know and he probably hates that I’m announcing that so boldly to so many people because he’s also quite humble.  My whole entire family has been preparing for 10-10-10 but a lot of the huge tasks fell into Daddy’s lap…. and he never complained. Ever. You see, I decided that I wanted to get married at our home church where daddy has been the pastor since Michael and I were toddlers.  It just makes sense for us!  We love our home church and so when the ceremony location was decided, we also decided to have a tent reception in the field behind our home.

This sounded so easy and wonderful at first… and then the projects started adding up.  Projects like…. “Lets build a patio”… “Lets extend the deck!”…. “Lets get rid of the pool and re-landscape the whole backyard”…. “Lets remodel the upstairs bathroom” …. “Lets repaint 75% of the house!”…..”Lets grow new, pretty grass!”…….. and all of these things have been done.  I’m serious. The house has been made-over and it looks amazing.  Everything looks amazing Daddy.  I don’t understand how you can be so patient, so willing to work and so slow to get frustrated some days.  I love you so much and I just want you to know that the tile in the newly-remodeled bathroon upstairs is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! (Daddy re-tiled the WHOLE bathroom by himself… and it’s beautiful!!!)Thank you so much daddy… I Love you!


** Ps.  Emy and I get the credit for that CRAZY awesome mirror on the wall!!! **

Look at that awesome floor!!!  And the bathroom is actually CLEAN right now!!! Amazing!

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