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have to preface these posts with “I’m a not a senior portrait photographer”. I wish I could be because they are so much fun!! However, because of our wedding workload, becoming a portrait photographer isn’t really an option in this season of life. However, I do offer a few portrait sessions to our friends from church who are graduating and moving on to the next season of life! This past Wednesday, it was Hunter’s turn! Hunter has always been one of the sweetest guys in the whole youth group.

You know the saying “Boys with be boys”… well, while a lot of the guys Hunter’s age went through a phase where they drove everyone crazy during their high school years, I never experienced that with Hunter. I’m sure his sister would disagree because every little brother has an annoying phase! :) Hunter has always been so much fun to be around and sure, my phone may have been stolen a few times on mission trips and when it was returned to me I had a nice close up of Hunter’s face as my wallpaper… but I consider that a form of endearment from a high school kid :) Now, that high school kid is a senior and he’ll be leaving us to start a new phase of life this coming fall. Hunter has so much to look forward to and I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for him in college!! This guy has an incredible voice and so I’m secretly hoping he joins some awesome acapella group and Michael and I can come to concerts!!:) Enjoy some of my favorites from Hunter’s senior shoot!

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