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A long time ago…. like a year ago I believe, I create a few mini videos for my website company Showit to use for a project they were working on. I recently realized that I NEVER shared them with my people!!! …. and that’s you guys! :) I receive questions weekly asking about anything from what I wear to weddings to how do you shoot bridal details and how do you do it consistently? This details question is a great one! It’s hard to shoot really awesome, cohesive details when you only have 30-40 minutes before the bride is getting in her dress! The trick it to think of a theme and stick with it. This is all because of the album…

which is the end product! And when you shoot cohesively for an album, it makes your work flow better in a blog post as well! A bride’s detail shots should match the look and feel of the wedding day but sometimes, you’re not a in getting ready location that matches the look of the venue where you’ll be shooting the rest of the day! So this video will help explain how I handle situations like that!! I’m actually really excited to share this because I think it will be super helpful for some newer and more experienced photographers out there that struggle in this area! Ps. Bokeh makes a little debut half way through. He was only 10 months at the time! Cutie!! :) (Ps. Video is BELOW, not at the opening of the post!)



Katelyn James Photography | Shooting Details with a Bridesmaid Dress! from Katelyn James on Vimeo.


xoxo, Katelyn
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