How to Make ANY Invitation Suite Look High-End and Editorial! (3 Simple Elements)
  • Elements that will transform your invitation shots!

If you get stuck trying to figure out how to arrange and layout your client’s invitation suites on a wedding, this video is for you!!! The frustration and lack of confidence that can happen when you get STUCK on a flat-lay failure at the VERY BEGINNING of the wedding day can ultimately steal your confidence and derail the entire wedding day! For some, they struggle with not knowing how to get so many pieces to work together in a cohesive, visually appealing way.

Maybe that’s not your issue.

Maybe you struggle with the fact that you are constantly only working with simple, low-end invitations and you don’t know how to make it look high-end!

I can help with that!!!

Over the last decade, I have found a recurring theme to my BEST invitation shots. They ALL have some type of these three elements that I’m about to list out for you!!!




What do these three elements consist of and what is their purpose??

You’ll find out in this BRAND NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO that was just released!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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    I love this so much!!!

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