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You’re probably reading that headline and thinking “That’s a lie…. Adele didn’t talk to your baby!”. No, she DEFINITELY did! We had a 4 second conversation with ADELE and the fan girl side of me just about DIED!!! So how did this happen?! Well, it all started with a newsletter. I know we all hate newsletters and mailing lists right? They fill up your inboxes and make your life feel cluttered. Most lists I’m subscribed to get tossed in my Gmail trash and never opened. That’s just the truth! However, there are some BIG TIME advantages to being on the RIGHT mailing lists!! This is how we had a conversation with Adele…..

Our good friends Buddy and Jill told us that Adele was going to be in DC, and we made it a goal to try to get tickets! THEN we found out that our friend Matt Hypes was actually on Adele’s MAILING LIST and he had gotten a link for a PRESALE!!!! You could buy up to four tickets before the general public even had a chance to try!! My first thought was 1. Why am I not on Adele’s mailing list?! and 2. Why was Matt Hypes on Adele’s mailing list?! I’ll tell you why…. Matt knows that if you really want to experience something, you stay connected with the source and that will always benefit you in some way!! I’m so thankful that he opted into her mailing list, because when the presale opened we were able to snag 4 tickets!!!! Immediately! Then, when the general public had access, we tried desperately to get 2 more tickets so that the whole crew could go see the one and only ADELE and we struggled to make that happen, but we got them! Here’s the crazy part…..

When we were looking at the layout of the arena, we realized that our 4 presale tickets that we randomly bought as fast as we could were RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE!! The mailing list wins AGAIN!!! Ok… hold on… it gets crazier! So we show up to the concert knowing that we’re sitting somewhere on the floor near the stage. The nice woman escorted us to our seats and passed section four, then section three, then section two and before we knew it, she was pushing down two seats in the VERY FRONT ROW and saying “Enjoy the show ladies!”. Jill and I were in SHOCK!!!!! FRONT ROW?!!!! THE MAILING LIST WINS AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Our sweet husbands let the two pregos sit front row and so when the legendary Adele walked past us and made her way to the main stage, we made sure we screamed “Our Babies LOVE YOU!!!!” a few times!! I can’t be sure but the fan girl in me is pretty sure she looked right at us!!! THEN, she started talking about how she was pregnant when she recorded the Skyfall soundtrack so she had to lower the key significantly. She was talking about how EVERYTHING is affected when you’re pregnant and then looked at me and Jill and said….

“I know these two mommas are right here…Be careful! Women always go into labor at my shows!!! I mean, I don’t know why, it’s like an ACDC concert but anyway they always go into labor and so STAY INSIDE!!!!”

THE ONE AND ONLY ADELE told our babies to STAY INSIDE! Hahahahaha!! What are the chances!! When this little girl is old enough to understand how legendary Adele is, we’re going to show her the video and tell her that a superstar talked to her before she was even born!!! It was hilarious! Jill and I just SCREAMED afterwards!! So when you think about it, how did ADELE end up talking not only to us but to our babies?!!! It all started with a MAILING LIST!

Good mailing lists bring value and special opportunities to their people!! If you’re signed up for newsletters via email that don’t deliver opportunities or free education, you may want to unsubscribe!!! Now, I can’t promise you that if you signup for our mailing list that ADELE will talk to your future children but I can promise you this….

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xoxo, Katelyn
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