• & Why I Love Being a Showiteer!

There are THREE big takeaways from today’s post! Lets start with #1! The first thing I want to share is that I have been with the SAME website company for SIX YEARS!!! Do you realize how RARE that is? It’s strange and almost unheard of! So WHY have I been with the same company for SO long?! Oh there is no way that I can answer that in one sentence! Let me give you the run down of why Showit STILL fits the bill for my website needs…. even after SIX years!

So here are a few of the numerous reasons why, even after THREE different websites, I have never changed the TYPE of website that I use. It has always been Showit! Disclaimer, my BLOG is not a Showit site, it’s a custom designed WordPress Site from Jen Olmstead, coded by Flosites . My current Showit Site was designed by the fabulous Jen Olmsted and I’m so happy with it I could just SCREAM! Every time I visit it, I think “I can’t believe this is MY site!!!!”. If you haven’t clicked around this site, OH MY GOSH! Warning! You’ll get lost in there!! So here are some of the reasons I’m obsessed with Showit! :

  •  I can change my site with one click! Publishing, tweaking and updating is easy, instant and user friendly!
  • Unlimited Plus Sites! I create mini-sites for all of our clients and I can create sub sites for my website too! I actually have a BRAND NEW SUB-SITE to share today! Keep reading!
  • It’s DRAG and DROP! No coding! You want to move a text box? You just move it!
  • This isn’t template based at all so my site is guaranteed to be unique!
  •  There are options upon options. Don’t want to design yourself? You can pay a designer! Have some design skills but need a starting place? You could buy a Tonic or GoLiveHQ site!
  • The people behind Showit are AWESOME! Support is awesome! And the future of Showit is awesome! I’ve seen the next version of Showit and you’re going to be amazed! We’re pumped!

So what’s the SECOND thing I want to share today?! Well! Today we’re launching the NEW KJ EDUCATION site!! The purpose of this site is to have a HOMEBASE for ALL of our educational resources! Coaching, Workshops, helpful links, equipment we use, links to The Collection, etc! It’s nothing too intense but I’m excited to have a pretty site to grow and advance as our the educational side of our business continues to grow and advance!! So be sure to go CHECK IT OUT HERE! Ps. HUGE thanks to Jen for helping me figure out some advanced Showit stuff… couldn’t have done this without her!

Last but not least, let me talk about PLUS SITES for a minute! Why do I love them?! Because they are a HOMEBASE for my CLIENTS! Their blog post, engagement gallery and wedding gallery are all linked on ONE page! So I only have to share ONE URL during the entire process and it keeps their whole experience in one location. It’s also easy for them to remember how to find their pictures! It’s just their names + Plus sites ALSO introduce all of their friends and family to ME! With Showit, Plus sites are unlimited and the possibilities are endless! I believe in Plus sites so much that I’m actually offering these three plus site templates in THE COLLECTION! You can purchase all three template and decide which one matches your style the most! If you’re a Showit user and you’re interested in enhancing your client’s experience with a plus site, download them today and use them for your next engagement session! ENJOY!!! PS. If you’re ready to begin your SHOWIT adventure, CLICK HERE! 

PLUS SITES are available today! The first 50 sold are 20% off with the code “KJPLUSSITE”! Visit the shop! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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