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talked about this before on the blog… but you know, I’ve been blogging for so long now that I feel like I can mention things again and no one would really notice! haha I’ve mentioned before that I find it REALLY hard to get personal projects done when you are running a small business. Because the reality of a small business is that it’s your PERMANENT, lifelong personal project! It literately never ends. the job is never done. SO, what I have found is that if you want to have a LIFE and you want to get LIFE projects done, you have to make a realistic daily list for the business and then make a conscious

effort to walk away from the office to get your personal goals done.  Do any of you have those projects in your life that are looming over you? And you used to think to yourself “I’ll never be that personal that doesn’t do anything with their pictures!”.  Well that’s how I have felt about my HONEYMOON pictures! We went on a trip of a LIFETIME and I still hadn’t ordered my album! The sad part is that I have had the album designed for TWO YEARS and just never ordered it! So last week I sat down and made a commitment to myself that I was going to order this thing and I did! It came in the mail this week and it’s GORGEOUS! I order little personal albums through Blurb Book and I love them!! So even though I have some business items that aren’t done, I feel so accomplished that our honeymoon is now published and sitting on our coffee table!! Enjoy a few of my favorite spreads!!! It was so much fun designing for ME! :) 

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